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In Wildstar you get to choose 8 skills (out of 30+) to use during gameplay. You also get to invest Tier points, that you get while leveling, to upgrade the skills you chose to use. This Wildstar Talent Calculator variant is called the Action Set Builder. You also get AMP points to spend that resemble a classic talent build in other MMORPG games. Bellow you can choose which class you will play and see all the available skills and what they do. You can then create an Action Set you think would be the most suitable for your character once you start playing Wildstar. Whether for early leveling or PvP or running dungeons or to theorize about end game leveling and play, we will try to provide you with the most complete Wildstar Action Set Builder online.

UPDATED to patch 6760 data (Strain update)

We updated the Warrior ASB Builder with patch 6760 data skill data. All numbers in tooltips are based on the assumption that you have 300 Assault Power and 300 Support power. These are base levels used in calculations of numbers in tooltips. Post Launch builds are still active, while beta builds are archived and not linked to on the site anymore.

Click on a button bellow to see the Action Set Builder for that class

31 thoughts on “Action Set Builder

  1. Frup

    Really looking forward to Wildstar the game it’s self already has produced a really nice tight Knit community just through streams and forums ect. something that other recent MMO’s have lacked. Imo Community is what makes a successful MMO!

    Hope to see you all in game soon!


  2. BladtM

    If this game delivers what it’s and it’s devs are promising to deliver, this could be the mmorpg for the next decade.

  3. VioTrio

    Wishing,hopefully, for a beta key …been watching every single stream + dev speaks+trailers+streamers from zybak to realblankspace,even twitch tv and in my opinion wildstar is the missing ring to complete the mmorpg gynra Swtor(SCI-fi animation/story) +WoW(cartoonist humorous colors and characters)+Guild wars 2(same publisher Ncsoft + the awesome pvp action combat system that is so close to it including dodging and adding to it the wildstar unique telegraphs + aiming )+ the business model of eve online(Plexus=C.R.E.D.D)=……a cocktail of an hmmm ….EPIC game.

  4. RainToes

    I can’t wait to take the explorer path and see all that this game has to offer.
    I hope there are some super secret/super hard to get to locations that I can show off to my friends. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Phinoxx

    please consider a beta key for me, i am a gamer, right now i am playing Firefall which is losing its luster since its getting ready for patch the end of the month so things are really glitch right now, and so i am watching WildStar Twitch streams to learn more and more about whats in the pve content, i play for hours and hours so giving feed back is very easily done for me, and when i say hours i mean days upon days, i have a hard time sleeping so playing games is my past time and joy i have to look forward to for the day/night/day, so please let me contribute to wildstar by being able to get into the beta to play and give feedback so it can be awsome when the time comes for it to be F2P.

  6. kurtislebone

    I send a build that i think is good for a stalker pvp but i do this only for the chance to win a beta key :/ i really wanna try this game!. The location, the race\classes are AMAZING!. Wildstar MMO of 2014!!

  7. Didyoumissme

    PLZ beta key guys
    i need it Badly -,-‘ some of My Friends has it and i am Jelly ๐Ÿ˜›
    BTW this Game is Awesome Keep up the good work
    i already spend like 4 days watching Vods livestreams and youtube vid : D its gonna be a killer

  8. Insecticon

    I’m really hoping that the build can be respec’d at a later level. Sometimes when you gain a few, the skills that fit at that level no longer apply or do enough damage to matter.

  9. damizzz

    Hello im waiting for this game very long time im a big NCSoft fan, i was playing Lineage 2 about 9 years and i hope i will get a beta key for WildStart and spend another few Years playing and suport this game like i do with Lineage 2.Thanks!!!


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