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What to do at level 50 guide

Welcome to level 50, cupcake. Leveling guides 1-50 are behind us, but the question is: what now? The answers are given in our comprehensive guide that covers activities and new or redesigned current features available for both PvE and PvP endgame content. So, lets start.

Elder Gem

The most noticeable change will appear on your experience bar, where you stop earning experience point. But, you start earning Elder points for every task and kill that would award you with experience points. For every 75k Elder Points you get 1 Elder Gem, used to purchase various items and unlocks at the Elder Gem vendor in Illium / Thayd. Weekly cap is 140 elder gems or 10.5 million Elder Points.

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WildStar Servers list for launch

WildStar launch is almost upon us. Selecting the perfect place for you and your friends to start your adventures in Nexus world can be a challenge, but with a list below you’ll have a little head-start. Players can choose between PvE, PvP and Roleplaying servers in North America and Europe.

North AmericaEurope EN-EU
Avatus (PvE)Ascendancy (PvE)
Caretaker (PvE)Eko (PvE)
Mikros (PvE)Hazak (PvP)
Orias (PvE)Lightspire (Roleplaying)
Stormtalon (PvE)EUROPE DE
Thunderfoot (PvE)Kazor (PvE)
Pago (PvP)Ikthia (PvE)
Pergo (PvP)Progenitor (PvP)
Widow (PvP)Toria (Roleplaying)
Evindra (Roleplaying)EUROPE FR
Myrcalus (Oceanic PvE)Stormfather (PvE)
 Treespaker (PvP)
 Triton (Roleplaying)

Illium Map with points of interest

Illium map with points of interestIllium is the capital city for the Dominions, located between Auroria and Deradune. Players can find all needed resource in the town, but it’ll be a real challenge to remember all these locations at once.

That’s why we put together a detailed Illium Map and marked all points of interest like dye merchant location, mount vendor location, auctioneers, tradeskill area, runecrafting station, bank locations, housing vendor, taxi locations and much more.

Thayd Map with points of interest

thayd map legend Thayd is the capital city for the Exiles, located between Galeras and Celestion. In this huge town you can find all resource that a player would need, but during the first visits, it is pretty hard to find and remember all these locations.

That’s why we put together a detailed Thayd Map and marked all points of interest like dye merchant location, mount vendor location, auctioneers, tradeskill area, runecrafting station, bank locations, housing vendor, taxi locations and much more.

WildStar Tips & Tricks

wildstar tips tricks
Tips & Tricks guide contains comprehensive list of things that you should know before you jump into Nexus world. All tips are sorted into groups that will help you find general and advanced answers about housing, mounts, crafting, questing, and much more. If you want to share any tip with us please leave a comment below.
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WildStar PvP AMA recap

wildstar PVP
Today, WildStar subreddit hosted WildStar PvP AMA, where PvP team answered questions about Arenas & Battlegrounds. CRB_Bardic – Jen Gordy, PvP Systems Lead, CRB_KevinLee – Kevin Lee, PvP Systems Designer, and CRB_JTal – Jeff Tallon, Itemization Designer, shared additional information about Battleground and Arena design, maps, philosophies, ratings, and PvP progression. We’ve summarized some of the most interesting answers, just in case you missed anything.
How do you intend to address the problem of very large/wide AoE telegraphs which deal high damage being naturally strong in PvP, without gimping the classes which use them in PvE, where the size of the telegraph isn’t really a big deal?
We have been introducing line of sight blocking structures to help you break up some of these massive fights. The new props added into Walatiki and Halls are to address this. Much of this comes down to map design when you have this type of combat system. We’re taking a lot of our learning with us for future game types.
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PvP Details about Arenas and Battlegrounds

The latest WildStar DevSpeak focuses on Arenas and Battlegrounds and finally reveals additional information about PvP features. The interesting thing is that both features have much in common:

  • They can be played in either open or rated mode.
  • They both reward you with PvP vendor currency known as Prestige.
  • In open PvP world after being ganked, you respawn with 30 seconds of PvP invulnerability, unless you attack someone
  • Rated matches give you rating-specific rewards and allow ELO matchmaking (ELO is a measure of your strength calculated from your performance in rated PvP. ).
  • Levels and gear stats are normalized, in this way balanced matches will let you focus on crucial things in PvP like avoiding telegraphs and fast reacting.