The Livingroot Phenomenon

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The Livingroot Phenomenon Journal can be found on the ground, near dead body, and large yellow eggs, in the southern part of Blighted Tunnel. You can enter this cave if you follow the main road on the map. North part of this road leads to entrance of the tunnel. There is a NPC Barkblight Queen patrolling through this area. She is part of the mission “Queen of the Blight”.


Find and enter Blighted Tunnel.


Everstar Grove

Everstar Grove

The Livingroot Phenomenon


Field Study Day 2
I’ve been off Arboria too long. Today, I could have sworn a root vegetable said “hello” to me as I walked past. I attempted to reply, but the root vegetable then remained stubbornly silent. Of course, this was no ordinary root vegetable, but what we are tentatively calling “sprouts” for lack of a better term. They are plants, but also mobile. A truly strange phenomenon. Am I crazy to think one of them spoke to me? Nothing
surprises me on this planet, and I’ve only been here a couple of days!

Field Study Day 4
It happened again. But this time, the sprout said more than “hello.” This time, I had short, stilted, but definitely two-way conversation with one! I’m not certain it’s the same one who spoke to me before, but it could well be. It told me it was called a Livingroot Grower and that it was a “friend of Elderoot.” It seems these sprouts take care of the big, sentient
tree that is at the heart of Everstar Grove. I cannot wait until the queen arrives and can meet these amazing creatures!

Field Study Day 7
After days of searching, and talking to any sprout I could find, I finally tracked down my friend the Livingroot Grower. He – I can no longer think of him as an “it” – was disturbed, even frightened. He said that Elderoot was concerned at the influx of settlers arriving in his grove. The old tree has been here a long
time, the sprout told me, but never before had the sprout seen Elderoot in such distress! But after further examination of the strange enhancements attached to the tree’s root system, I think I’ve spotted the real reason for Elderoot’s distress. An infestation of insects have burrowed up from beneath the surface and are consuming his roots! I assured the Livingroot Grower that I would tell someone. I just hope I can get this report to the others
before the queen arrives. I want her to meet Elderoot so much. Our queen has sacrificed so much. Leaving Arboria was hard for all of us, but I think it almost killed Queen Myala. So meeting a wise tree like Elderoot will surely help her feel better. I just know they’ll be the best of friends!

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Type: Journal