Energetic Organism

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This Datacube appears to be on the lowest level of Exo-Lab 71: The Arboretum. When you step on a green, teleport plate, you will be teleported into this Lab. Keep going straight ahead. When you reach the platform with laser beam, jump from the edge down. Datacube is near the green plate elevator that takes you to the upper level. Quest “The Arboretum” will leads you to this location. You can get the qust from Lucy Lazarin in the Mystwood Forest, takes you here.


Find and enter Exo-Lab 71: The Arboretum.


Jump down toward the datacube.


Everstar Grove

Everstar Grove

DATACUBE ENTRY: Energetic Organism


Zarkonis: Order of the Makers


Creating sentience from primal life is an important aspect of the Elderoot Initiative. By constructing these primal infusers, I have been able to create a stable physiological matrix around an advanced power core, resulting in an organism that is created from pure energy. The success of this experiment bodes well for the larger goals of the Nexus Project.

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Type: Datacube

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  1. Rico

    Since the F2P Launch this Datacron has move to the top of a pillar just Southeast of Elderoot Refuge. It’s next to the Living Root controllers you need to activate for the quest Root Resuscitation.

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