Parasitic Threat

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Datacube is located on the ground, in southern part of Blighted Tunnel cave. You can enter this cave if you follow the main road on the map. North part of the road leads to the entrance of the tunnel. You need a help of a scientist to unlock a Door Control Panel.


Find and enter Blighted Tunnel.


At the first crossroad, turn north.




Everstar Grove

Everstar Grove

DATACUBE ENTRY: Parasitic Threat


Nazrek: Order of the Progenitors


My exploration of this cave system has revealed a hive of voracious subterranean parasites, located in close proximity to the primary root system of the Elderoot Initiative’s test subject. Although they do not currently pose a threat, in time it could become a very serious issue. We must carefully monitor these pests and exterminate them, if necessary.

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Type: Datacube