WildStar Housing Exclusive Information

WildStar team will be doing a housing presentation on GamesCom for visiting crowds, and we’ll be live blogging from this presentation with video coming soon after. Stay tuned! The presentation will be starting at 13:30 CET. If things go well, we’ll do the same for dungeon presentation as well.

  • Houses have expeditions. Those are dungeons, that you can enter alone or with your friends
  • Expeditions scale depending on your and your friends’ level
  • There are interactive yard decorations, like a giant piano, where you can record tunes you create
  • Inside your house you can put lights that give actual lighting effects – romantic, spooky…
  • You can change the outside of your house with six plugs slots
  • You can apply effects like fireworks in the sky or ferries wheel that you cab ride.
  • You can change the outside to be dusty, or spooky, or put a rainbow on your sky….
  • You can scale items inside the house to be five times bigger or smaller
  • You can have 200 items in your house