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The Defile presentation from GamesCom 2014

During our visit to Europe’s largest gaming convention, GamesCom, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Wildstar devs and having a presentation of upcoming content for the game. Majority of the presentation was dedicated to a new zone coming to the game called the Defile.

New zone tells the story of what happens after the events described in Blighthaven. It is a level 50 zone with solo, 5-man and 20-man content with new quests, bosses, datacubes and repeatable zone events (think of it as the Tree and the Bird events in Blighthaven). There are places in the zone that are there only for people to explore through with new missions for all paths and new datacubes.

Along with the new content coming with the patch there will also be some quality of life updates to the game. In housing you will be able to unlock skies, instead of replace one with the other and lose the previous one forever. There will also be an ambiance music tab added to your house where you can shoose the background music for your housing plot. More decor items will be introduced as well.

If you are not level 50 yet and you do not want your story spoiled – stop reading here.

Main story of the content drop will be that the Strain is trying to release the Entity from the prison Drusera and the Eldan put it in. The Defile will actually finish the story arc of the fight between Drusera and the Entity … for now.

All of the above and more is shown in the video of the presentation and you can check it out bellow.

There is also a part 2 of this presentation with exclusive new information of what is coming to the game which we’ll release later in the day.

Wildstar GamesCom Community Questions


GamesCom is the biggest European gaming expo and we will be in attendance this year. Lucky for us, NCSoft and Carbine will be there to showcase Wildstar and we will be hovering around their booth throughout the event to bring you the latest and the biggest news.

As some of you may know, we have a tradition where we ask the game developers questions that you, the community, have for them. We did this for every convention we attended so far and for various games. Things will not be different with Wildstar. Feel free to leave your questions for Wildstar developers in the comments bellow or on Twitter or Reddit and we will pick the best ones and take them to GamesCom to present them to the devs. Please avoid asking questions that you know will not get answered (i.e. when’s the first expansion coming :S).

You can expect first news to start coming on Wednesday, 21st and we promise to bring you gameplay footage first thing in the morning.

WildStar’s Convention Future

There wasn’t much in the way of new WildStar information revealed at E3 this year. Luckily that won’t be WildStar’s last trip to a convention this year.

WildStar is planning to be at both Gamescom, held in Cologne, Germany, and PAX Prime, held in Seattle, Washington, during the course of the year. It’s likely that these will not be the only other conventions visited this year, but these are the only ones confirmed so far.

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