WildStar’s Convention Future

There wasn’t much in the way of new WildStar information revealed at E3 this year. Luckily that won’t be WildStar’s last trip to a convention this year.

WildStar is planning to be at both Gamescom, held in Cologne, Germany, and PAX Prime, held in Seattle, Washington, during the course of the year. It’s likely that these will not be the only other conventions visited this year, but these are the only ones confirmed so far.

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Ready to Party?

It seems like everywhere you turn, there are people talking about WildStar. You name it, we’ve had question about it. Of all the questions we get, (aside from the constant chant for beta keys), people want to know whether we are going to be running the convention circuit. So far this year, we’ve attended the Role Play Convention in Germany and Dreamhack in Sweden.

We’ve attended PAX East, and held two separate Arkship events, one here in sunny Southern So-Cal, and another for our European friends in Brighton, UK.

So sure, we’ve been busy, but you ain’t seen nothing yet!

I can officially confirm that we will be dragging a large group of Carbine Dev Team members to the following 2013 events:

Gamescom 2013: Cologne, Germany 22.-25.08.2013

For those of you who aren’t familiar, gamescom is held in Cologne, Germany, and is one of the largest collections of gamer fanatics in the world. I just took a look at the design specs for our booth, and let me tell you- it’s going to blow your mind. Not to mention the content we are creating just for this event. It will include super-sexy new announcements, hands-on gameplay with content you’ve never seen before, and a whole host of special events that will give our fans from Germany and the rest of the world  the opportunity to spend quality time with the WildStar development team. We are finalizing our stage plans and offsite event opportunities, so more on that to come.

PAX Prime: SEATTLE, WA AUG 30-SEP 2, 2013

Now if you haven’t heard of PAX, you may need to… spend more time on your computer. If PAX East was any indication, this year promises to be an AMAZING show for us. Like Gamescom, we have packed our schedule with wall-to-wall activities, and of course hands-on gameplay of only the freshest WildStar content. This includes Developer Panels, amazing offsite activities, and something I’m particularly excited about: We will be hosting the very first Beta Tester only panel at our booth, giving you the chance to ask (almost) all the questions you have about what it’s like to work with the development team as a WildStar beta tester. Content questions? Game mechanics? You name it, they will most certainly probably be able to perhaps say something about it. Like Gamescom, we are working to finalize all of our events, which includes a very special secret giveaway, around PAX Prime. We’ve got so much to share, they had to add another day to the event to show it all! (Ok, they didn’t consult us on that one, but we are taking credit anyway).

There are a lot of other event plans to share with you in the coming days, but were just a little too early in the planning process to say much more. You know how planning events go; it can be downright Comi-Cal.

So that’s it for now, friends. We promise to keep you apprised of our progress moving forward. In the meantime, where are you headed this convention season? Could you stop by the WildStar Facebook page and drop us a line?

Enjoy, won’t you?

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