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Lazarin and Zax To Star In New Comic Mini-Series

Today Carbine Studios revealed a new 3 part comic mini-series entitled “Tales From Beyond The Fringe: Mystery and Mayhem”. In these comics we are promised a look inside the minds of both faction’s resident evil scientist, Victor Lazarin and Mondo Zax. This first issue focuses exclusively on Zax, so those interested in learning a bit more about Lazarin will need to wait until the next issue is released on the 6th of September.

The issue itself is quite short, though it does manage to fit in it’s fair share of humor. The wording of the post announcing this series made it sound like we could expect more Tale from Beyond the Fringe even after the issues that focus on Zax and Lazarin are released, and the new “Comics” section of the media area on the WildStar main site seems to support this idea as well. Hopefully we will see more and more of these little stories popping up before the game is released.

The second issue of the comic with be released on September 9th, with the third and final issue coming out on the 13th of September. You can find the comic itself here.

Meeting Dr. Mondo

Last week we were introduced to the Chua race, a cuddly little species that seems to have some slight homicidal based sanity issues. In order to get to know these adorably little psychopaths better we have been treated to a lovely interview with Dr. Mondo, head of weapons development for the entire Dominion. We can only hope that the interview doesn’t self-destruct when we are done reading it.

Continue reading to see the whole interview for yourself. Continue reading

Introducing Mondo and Victor

Last week Carbine Studios finally revealed the final two playable races for WildStar, the Chua and the Mordesh. This week we are getting a look at a couple major characters that hail from these races; Mondo Zax, a devilish Chua who is a genius when it comes to machines, and Victor Lazarin, the alchemist that inflicted the Mordesh people with the Contagion that essentially makes them space zombies.

Both characters have an interesting back story, which you can explore in full if you continue reading. Let us know what you think of these two characters and what they may bring to the WildStar world! Continue reading

Say Hello To The Final Two Races!

The team at Carbine Studios has finally revealed the long awaited final races players will be able to play as in WildStar, the Chua and the Mordesh. The Chua are diabolical little creatures that fight for the Dominion, while the Mordesh look a lot like space zombies and have joined the Exiles.

Along with the video there is some more info about the two races over at the official WildStar site. Check it out, and be sure to let us know which of these two races you look forward to playing as once the game finally releases!