Wildstar Exiles Character Creation Demo

Not everyone was able to visit GamesCom 2013 and see what Carbine had in store on for their booth visitors. We tried to capture as much footage as we could. Among that footage we tried capturing Character Creation process. Carbine removed all the actual customization options that you will see in the full game (this was just a convention demo), but they left in a Randomize button that changed your head and face styles randomly. We tried to click several times for all Exile races so you can see all the different options that the game is surely going to provide at release.

Make sure you choose HD quality since we shot the footage in full HD.


1 thought on “Wildstar Exiles Character Creation Demo

  1. EcstasyOfGold

    You guys should really launch a standalone character or content creation demo. Just so we could have something to play with in the meantime!

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