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Get Ready For The Robots, The Engineer Is Here

Do you dream of your own private droid army? One that can support you as you blast things with your rocket launcher, or laugh off enemy attacks in your oversized power suit? Well you’re in luck, because the Engineer is here to help you fulfill those dreams.

Armed with their technical know how, the Engineer is going to bring a bunch of cool gadgets to the battlefield. Not the least of which are their bots; little helpers that can tank, dps, heal, or cc depending on what model you choose to go with. This gives the Engineer a ton of variability to players to experiment with.

Continue reading to check out all the info on the class, as well as a schedule for the Engineer’s livestream and Reddit AMA. And be sure to let us know what you think of the new class in the comments below! Continue reading

Medic Is The Focus Of The Latest Class Drop

It’s been a big day for WildStar fans due to the announcement of the final two classes, the Medic and the Engineer. Both classes look like a lot of fun, but this week the focus is all about the Medic. That means you can learn a whole lot more about the class by checking out its¬†official class page, and by tuning into the AMA reddit on Thursday and the livestream showing off the new class on Saturday.

Continue reading to see the official announcement from Carbine, and let us know what you think of the class in the comments below. Continue reading

It is official – Medic and Engineer last two classes

Carbine Studios just released an awesome trailer showcasing all the classes you’ll be able to play once the game launches, including the two unrevealed classes. They are Medic and Engineer! Medic will obviously be a healing class. There is a Dev Speak video released about the medic (more about that in the next news post) and they are ultra high-tech, close range, hybrid healers and damage dealers. They carry these sci-fi looking cannon-guns called Resonators into battle and I am not sure if they fry you until you are healed or heal you until you are fried. Engineer is not there to change your oil and tighten your screws (as the main character in the video trailer so regretably says). They seem to have robot pets that will take care of all your pest problems and more. They seem to be able to have all four robots active at the same time and carry a shotgun type weapon which makes them a mid-range/long-range class with pets (hunter anyone?). I am sure we will find out more about these in the next Carbine class drop, but in the meantime enjoy some screenshots from the trailer and the trailer itself.

Video can be found after the break

The Stalker Sneaks Onto The Screen In The Latest Class Drop

It’s week 4 in WildStar’s Epic Class Drop event, and this week it’s all about the Stalker. If you want to sneak around and sink your claws into opponents Wolverine style, then the Stalker in the class for you.

The usual order of events the Carbine has been following for the past few class reveals is going to be a little altered due to Thanksgiving being this week. Continue  reading after the break to see the new schedule and hear all about the (re)reveal of the Stalker class straight from the devs. Continue reading

Spellslinger Livestream Now Availible On YouTube

The Spellslinger livestream that went down this past weekend has been uploaded to YouTube for your viewing pleasure. If you missed the stream, or just wanted to watch it again, you’re now welcome to view it at your leisure. Let us know what you think of the video, did it make you want to pull out your pistols and slinging some spells? Let us know in the comments below!