The Stalker Sneaks Onto The Screen In The Latest Class Drop

It’s week 4 in WildStar’s Epic Class Drop event, and this week it’s all about the Stalker. If you want to sneak around and sink your claws into opponents Wolverine style, then the Stalker in the class for you.

The usual order of events the Carbine has been following for the past few class reveals is going to be a little altered due to Thanksgiving being this week. Continue  reading after the break to see the new schedule and hear all about the (re)reveal of the Stalker class straight from the devs.

The Stalker is the last of our (re)reveals in our Classes ULTRA DROP ™ and in true Stalker style, we’re dropping this class as a bit of a surprise!

The Stalker is a master of assassination by evisceration! With their claws, high tech gadgets and nano-skin, they’re deadlier than the average sneak thief. But don’t take my word for it, go and check out the Stalker class page and see all the nasty tricks up the Stalker’s proverbial sleeve for yourself!

Did you get goosebumps on your nano-skin? Because if you did, it means the nanites are malfunctioning. Anyway, here’s the plan for Stalker Day!

As a large part of Team WildStar will be celebrating Thanksgiving this week, we’ve had to mix things up a little (hey it is Stalker week so surprises are too be expected!).

You’ll be getting the Reddit AMA for the Stalker TODAY! So make sure you check out the WildStar Subreddit today at 1PM PST. The Stalker class devs will be on hand (or is that claw?) to answer all your questions about the BatmanWolverinePredator that is the Stalker!

Our Livestream for the Stalker has been pushed back a little bit due to the holidays, but you can expect us to post more details soon! Make sure you’re following us on and on social media for updates!

That’s it for this week! We’ll see you (or if you’re rolling a Stalker maybe not…) next time WildStar fans!