Sandthorne Manifesto

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Bellow a small tent, on a small rock plateau, Shardspire Canyon. In order to reach this plateau you have to jump through Pure Loftite Crystals in area. This Crystals give necessary jumping boost that you can use in order to climb this high.




Sandthorne Manifesto


[This document lays out the principles and goals of the Sandthorne faction of the Thorns of Arboria rebels.]

It is with heavy hearts we true Aurin of the Sandthorne do lay down our loyalties to the queen of the Aurin, long may she reign. We do not abandon our queen forever. Only until she understands why we must abandon this mad world beyond the Fringe and return home before it’s too late.

Even now, the Planet Reapers lay waste to the world we truly call home. This place,
this Nexus, she says it will be our new home, but how can this be? We are Aurin of Arboria. We are as the trees of the forest, and we plant deep roots. And this forest is not ours.

Our forest is many light years away, defended only by those brave souls who remained behind. The true Aurin who are, let us be frank, better than us by far. They did not give up. When the queen drove us to the ships, forced us into steel shells and metal bubbles of air that took us far away, they declared
they would remain to be “thorns in the Dominion’s side.”

Does the queen remember? Did she even hear?

So call us thorns as well – the Thorns of Arboria. And let those of us who protect the life even in places others call lifeless be called Sandthornes, like the cunning raptors of Arboria’s northern dunelands. And like the Sandthornes of our home let us be stealthy, clever, and true of purpose and intent.

We will soon be thorns again. But for now, we will be Sandthornes beneath our enemy’s feet.

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