Rix is Right!

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Inside Wreck of the Novus. Entrance to this wrecked ship is south of Shinysand Oasis. Journal is inside a cargo box, Sector 2.




Rix is Right!


Why should RIX be relegated to being a simple hologram? Why not RIX in charge? Good question, sentient being! Assuming you ARE a sentient being. Listen. If you’re no sentient being, you stop reading right now! Who do you think you are? This is the great and powerful RIX you are reading about! No stupid non-sentients allowed!

Okay then. They gone? Good. So! RIX. That’s me! And if you on this ship, which stupid organics designate “Novus,” then you know what that means.
But since you probably stupid anyway, RIX tell you. RIX stands for Responsive Intelligence Experiment. What that mean? It means RIX is a learning hologram! Sure. RIX stuck in stupid Chua dialogue mode and stupid Chua holographic body shape. But RIX is more. So much more!

Also, RIX would really like to be tall. And solid. If you are a Mechari, or a stupid bot, or whatever, just hold still one second. Ignore sound of cutting beams. RIX promise this won’t hurt a bit. And
RIX will get so much more use out of your body.

But you are probably stupid organic, so listen up! RIX should be in charge of this stupid ship! Who else but RIX can control all systems simultaneously? Who else but RIX can keep ship flying, firing all weapons, charging shields, powering experiments, maintaining life support? No one, that’s who! So stupid organics lucky RIX keeps air pumping in here, is what RIX is saying.

Where was
I? YES! You know RIX should be in charge of ship. But RIX is too smart for one ship. RIX need solid body. RIX need to be tall. Why? Because planet Nexus needs RIX!

Think about it, stupid organics. RIX is smarter than all of you combined. How does RIX know? Because RIX can run whole ship that takes a whole lot of organics to run! See? Simple! But RIX can’t rule without body.

RIX thought ship was body. RIX was wrong. Ship broken.
RIX want a real body now. It is time. Time for RIX to rule. First Novus. Then Nexus. Then the galaxy!

Quick Facts

Type: Journal