Irrefutable Rationality

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Inside Exo-Lab X1-BB. You can enter this hidden facility in southeastern Malgrave, Dead Man’s Gulch area. Datacube is in northern part of the facility, next to Facility X1-BB Administrator.




DATACUBE ENTRY: Irrefutable Rationality


Vorion: Order of the Makers


In light of the imminent conclusion of the Nexus Project, I have requested that my name be taken off the list of potential vessels for the Genesis Prime. As I have been directly responsible for constructing the device that will make its creation possible, it seems illogical that anyone but myself should operate the device when the time comes.
The Archon vehemently attempted to change my opinion, and told me repeatedly that I was the greatest mind in the history of my Order and thus deserving of the honor – but in the end, he could not disagree with the rationality of my argument.

Quick Facts

Type: Datacube