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On a small box, close to a pile of sandbags, an antenna… Pillager’s Landing area.




Next Week’s Listings


[A guide to upcoming holographic entertainment programs with a focus on Protostar-produced features.] – PROTOSTAR CHANNEL GUIDE –

5:00 Nexus Mean Time

Protostar Sports Network
All the sport that’s fit to ball. Now with more POINTS and active people enjoying active lives in competition with each other thanks to PROTOSTAR products!
ANNOUNCER…..Senior Announcement Specialist
COLOR COMMENTARY…..Junior Assistant
OFF-COLOR COMMENTARY…..Junior Assistant to the Commentator

13:00 Nexus Mean Time

Protostar Situation Comedy Channel
The crew of the PSS Profitability Knocking III are in for their most hilarious adventure yet when they turn “space-pirate” to open new trading opportunities with the Marauders of Nexus. When the Protostar Clone Recovery and Removal decides to track them down, the adventures get less hilarious and far more
violent, thereby satisfying those who enjoy both known ends of the profitable entertainment spectrum, along with the downright amusing tragedies in between!
CAPTAIN…..Vice President in Charge of Ship Commanding
DOCTOR…..Medical Engineering Waste Manager
SCIENTIST…..Senior Science Scientist
PCRR KILLCLONE Z-8-B…..KillClone X-9-Z
PCRR KILLCLONE Y-2-J…..KillClone J-3-K
PCRR COMMANDCLONE A-B-1…..CommandClone A-A-3

Nexus Mean Time

Protostar Finance News
CRAZED CURRENCY with Phineas X. Rotostar!
You allegedly asked for him, and now, sentients who subscribe to this and other Protostar broadcasts, you have got him! You heard right. The seventh complete and perfect personal hyperclone of Phineas T. Rotostar himself, the venerable Phineas X. Rotostar, brings his unique brand of humor, financial analysis, and increasingly psychotic advice to the holowaves for a full
five standard minutes – more than enough time to wreak profitable havoc among interstellar economies in this galaxy, and beyond. Profitable for whom? If you have to ask, you haven’t met Phineas X. Rotostar!
PLASMA HATCHET VICTIM…..Beverage Assistance Supervisor
DOOMED CONSULTANT…..Managing Consultant
PHINEAS K. ROTOSTAR…..Phineas T. Rotostar

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