WildStar price for Standard and Deluxe Editions

wildstar edition price

Starting March 19th, WildStar fans will be able to pre-order the game on Amazon, BestBuy, GameStop and other retailer. The game is offered in two packages, and while there is no official info about the price of the game, we dug out some interesting information:

  • Gamestop has Standard Edition listed at $59.99 (gamestop) and some local retailers told us that the price in Europe will be 35£
  • Digital Deluxe Edition is 15£ more than standard and this was confirmed officially by Wildstar Twitter account.

This is still considered a rumor, but this sounds quite plausible.

Both editions will grant 30 days of included playtime, 3 guest passes with 7 days of playtime, Housing decor item for anyone who buys WildStar.
Deluxe edition offers some awesome additional items: Eldan themed hoverboard, Eldan augmentation costume, Special Eldan title and Eldan colored dye for your armor.
On top of that, pre-orders grant additional bonuses: 3 days head start access, access to Beta Weekends, exclusive Rocket House, exclusive Housing Trophy, In-game Storage Bag, and more.

The region you purchase WildStar in determines which servers you have access to (North America or Europe). WildStar does not support cross-region play.