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Wildstar Paths General Information

What are Wildstar paths? Should I bother with any of it? Will I get some cool rewards in the Path quests? In this post we will answer those questions so you can have a head start once WildStar goes live.
One great aspect of the path system is that it shows, once again, that the developers at Carbine Studios are doing everything they can to inject a “soul” into the game, something that so many MMOs seem to be lacking lately.
Paths are a cool new feature that will give you a hours, days, even weeks of fun to keep you entertained. How is it able to do that you ask? Well with four different paths full of unique quests there are plenty of different options for players to enjoy.
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WildStar Scientist path

WildStar Scientist
If you’re the type of player that wants to know everything about the planet Nexus then the Scientist is path for you. As a Scientist you will get a wider view into the game story and will learn more about the flora and fauna of the planet than any other path. By choosing this path you will get the Scan Bot, a little robotic pet that will do all the work for you and help you on your missions.

As you progress further into the game your Scan Bot will gain access to new abilities to help you out as well. During your missions you will come across some old Eldan technology (Eldans were an old race that lived on planet before Dominoins and Exiles) that will give you more information how they lived, what they did, and why they left planet nexus. Just don’t be surprised when that plant that you try to scan emerges turns out to be a huge monster that decides you would make a tasty meal.

You will run into a bunch of puzzles that, when solved, will often lead to a secret room. Scientists will also find that they gain more xp than other characters for finding the data cubes scattered around Nexus. By leveling your path you will get new abilities, titles, FabKits (items for improving house) and much more.
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