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Riot in the Void Adventure Guide

Riot in the Void

General info

  1. Level 15 Adventure, available only for Dominion players.
  2. Entrance is in Auroria, east of Ilium.
  3. This is Choose Your Own Story adventure type.
  4. The aim of this adventure is to complete five tasks in a timely manner.
  5. Adventure takes place in Riot in the Void map. It starts in a spaceship that takes you to an asteroid.
  6. While some tasks / events take place inside the prison complex, others must be completed outside, in open area of Riot in the Void. If you are inside, and you receive a task that takes place outside, open Riot in the Void global map and see where you should go.
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Adventures in detail

wildstar adventures

Adventures can be defined as an easy dungeon mode, similar to Wow’s scenarios, but with a numerous choices. Unlike dungeons, while playing Adventures, players should focus more on strategic elements: making a right decision and choosing the best path.
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