I Was a Teenage Skeech!

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On ground, in front of tiny Skeech hut, Tanglevine Village.


Bio-Dome 3

Bio-Dome 3

I Was a Teenage Skeech!


[This handwritten diary would seem to corroborate the theory that younger Skeech have relatively highly developed intelligence, and lose that intelligences as they reach adulthood. It may also be an anthropological roleplaying experiment.]

Me Am Skeech!
Skeech am hungry, look for Skeech food. Old Skeech stupid. No find good foods. SKEECH! Need Skeech like me! Skeech! Will help Old Skeech hunt. Learn Old Skeech
secrets! Find out what happened to Big Old Skeech.

Me Am Still Skeech! Skeech find Old Machine. Big Green God-Thing. Skeech! No God-Thing not Skeech. That accidental verbal tic. Skeech! Getting worse! Skeech no want to become like Old Skeech. Fear might happen anyway. Skeech! Skeech!

Am Skeech! Me!
Skeech! Skeech! Big Old Skeech… all over the place. But okay! Skeech! Big Old Skeech alive. Skeech can tell. Skeech! Big Old Skeech
tell how no get SKEECH! How no get SKEECH! How no get – no get… stupid! Skeech! Skeech no get stupid! Find Big Old Skeech!

SKEECH Skeech!
Skeech! Skeech Skeech SKEECHSkeech Skeech! Skeech Big! Skeech Old! Skeech! Hungry! SkeechSKEECH! Skeech KILL! Skeech! Skeech!

– Skeech

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Type: Journal