Deployment Orders: Operation Moonshot

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On ground, close to Spigo’s crashed ship, close to blueish metal cargo box, Fatalis Fields.




Deployment Orders: Operation Moonshot


DEPLOYMENT ORDERS: Operation Moonshot


Welcome to the Farside of Halon, mercs. You’re standin’ on one of this planet’s last two moons. Hope ya weren’t gettin’ too settled in on Nexus, because ya got a lotta fightin’ to do before ya get back there again.

Primary antagonists in the area are called Ikthians. Fish-men with tech that would make the Eldan sit up and take notice and no use for anyone but themselves.
Got word from the Widow says they’re kidnappin’ Exiles and Dominion alike. I don’t give two rock-pits about the Dommies, but if they’re takin’ our people for some kinda freaky fish-man science experiments, that crap ends right slaggin’ now.

That ain’t all they’re up to. The main objective is that big, green, glowin’ thing in the middle of the op zone. XAS tells me it’s called the Plasmic Equalizer for some damn reason. It’s a gun. A big,
asteroid-blastin’ gun. Techs say it might even be powerful enough to take out Nexus its own damn self. Don’t know what the hell the Eldan were thinkin’ buildin’ the damn thing, but you ain’t here to determine the secrets of the damned universe. You’re here to smash them secrets in the face when they come against the Exiles. More specific-like, you’re gonna make sure the Ikthians don’t turn that Eldan superweapon against the Exile Fleet, or Thayd,
or anywhere else there are good, hardworkin’ Exiles who are lousy card players and probably owe me money.

I don’t like it when people owe me money. And I don’t like stinkin’ fish-men. Flush ’em, mercs. Flush ’em good.


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