Big Graw & Me

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On a pile of bones, close to a Big Graw “WANTED: Big Graw” quest objective mob, next to a giant skull, Tanglevine Village.


Bio-Dome 3

Bio-Dome 3

Big Graw & Me



Doctor Grodinus recording. After a great deal of negotiation with some less-than-pleasant locals, I believe I have learned the location of their greatest secret – a mysterious and monstrous anthropoid they call Big Graw. They believe the monster protects them, and perhaps protects whatever they hold valuable. And what they hold valuable could be valuable back in the civilized galaxy as well.

I suspect this creature is merely a large razortail or
perhaps an especially vicious malverine, but I have established this observation post to be the first Dominion explorer to learn the truth. With luck, I can befriend the beast. Such creatures are known to hoard away many peculiar treasures that may be of great value.


Doctor Grodinus recording. At last, I have seen the creature, and it is indeed a monstrous beast! Powerful and huge, I watched with my own eyes as Big Graw crushed the skull of an
orbitog and swallowed it whole! The monster would certainly be capable of crushing a man flat with a swipe of his hand or – and this is what I find peculiar – slaughtering the entire village of primitives nearby. What manner of alpha predator would not feast upon such a ready food source? Could it be that Big Graw really does feel some sort of attachment for the primitives? I must investigate this further. The next time the beast appears, I shall make contact in the name of the Dominion!


Doctor Grodinus recording. The mutant gorganoth Big Graw – I have had ample time to identify the source species of this monstrosity – has emerged at last from its slumber. It appears to be lethargic, even relaxed. Now is surely the time to make myself known to him. I shall leave this channel open to continue recording this momentous event.

Hello! BIG GRAW! I am friend! You understand “friend”? Yes, yes! Good!
Come this way. You have intelligence in those eyes, I think. That’s it. Closer still.

Big Graw, great and mighty Big Graw! My name is Doctor GroAAAAAAAWGGH!

[The remaining audio cannot be accurately represented in text form, which is probably for the best.]

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Type: Journal