Dorian Walker’s Log: The Alpha Complex

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On a small crate, behind Dorian Walker, beside bounty board that has quests “WANTED: Gritmaw [GROUP 2+]” and “WANTED: Big Graw [GROUP 2+]”.


Alpha Complex

Alpha Complex

Dorian Walker’s Log: The Alpha Complex


[An excerpt from the famed Exile explorer’s report on his initial discovery of the Alpha Complex on Farside.]

Halon Expedition Day 004

Reckon it made sense to start my exploration on the larger of the two moons in orbit of Nexus, the busted one called Halon. It’s in a tidally locked orbit
around the planet, but for some reason all the functionin’ facilities are on the far side. So for now, that’s what I’m callin’ this region. Farside.

Set the Blue Horizon down not far from a central control complex. Managed to find a workin’ teleportation pad, got me inside. Lo and behold, if
it ain’t my ol’ buddy the Caretaker. For once, he ain’t out of his gourd, and is able to tell me the Eldan called this place the Alpha Complex. Not much help with any of the rest of it, though. Not much I can do from here to control that big ol’ terraformer I saw on the way in. He was able to fill me in
on these “Bio-Domes,” though. Two of ’em are close by, Bio-Dome 3 (it’s full’a jungle) and Bio-Dome 4 (which is more of a desert). Full atmosphere and all inside, so no helmet needed. Gotta say, I don’t mind that at all.

Aimin’ to set up a temporary camp here in the Alpha Complex,
see if I can’t find a few able-bodied Exile volunteers to help me figure out what makes this place tick. I spotted some Dommie ships passin’ overhead not long ago – maybe I’ll just invite a few mercs to join us. Ain’t keen to start a shootin’ war on this moon, not when there’s so
much here to learn, but better’n lettin’ the Dominion get hold of tech like that terraformer. It looks to me like an earlier model than the ones on the surface of Nexus, and that means it might be reverse-engineered by one’a them Chua psychos. Not while I’m watchin’ it ain’t!

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  1. Felpaw Gaming

    If your dominion be prepared to die as this is a Exile area best way to get there is from Bio dome 4 from they’re terrace. once in the area keep to the right mount and run and jump over guards they will kill you rez and keep to right avoiding roboguards

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