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WildStar Uplink: Talking About Player Housing

There are lots of things for gamers to be excited about when it comes to WildStar. The idea of a completely new IP is always exiting, especially considering the humor and unique combat options the development team is putting into the game. But there is one aspect about the game that players have been discussing with a lot of anticipation; player houses.

In this week’s WildStar Uplink players were encouraged to contact the community team on twitter and just talk about what they want from player housing. What are they excited about? What do they play to use their house for? What kind of features did they want to see included in the player housing aspect of the game? Well the fans wasted no time in answering these questions and more, and the WildStar team was thoughtful enough to talk about the whole thing on the official WildStar site.

Continue reading to see it all for yourself, and feel free to tell us what you plan on using your home on Nexus for! Continue reading