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Wildstar Life updated to 6760

Several days ago the first major content update for Wildstar has been made available to players. Affectionately called the Strain update it updates the game build to We have two new zones to play with and earn Elder Gems in. Enormous amount of fixes and adjustments have been made as well and you can read about it all in the patch notes we posted a few days ago.

What we wanted you to know is that we updated Wildstar Life with information from the latest Live client build. Our Wildstar item database now has new items from this patch (166 items have been added in comparison to older client build and an unknown number has been updated). Fact is that many items needed for the Strain update have been present in previous client builds so there was no need to add an enormous number of items when the patch dropped, but all of that data has been polished for the launch of this update. There are new housing decor items and costumes available, but we’ll discuss those in another article.

New quests have been added due to new zones being introduced. You can now see all quests available in the new zone Blighthaven, and we added screenshot walkthroughs for most of them. Same goes for Northern Wastes and its quests.

Last, but not least, we have updated our Action Set Builder with the latest patch data. Both amp and skill tooltips have been updated. We did not disable old builds this time, so they are all still available, but you might want to update them due to some of the balance changes.

Datacube, Journal and Tale maps didn’t need an update because most of the data was already present previously. You should check out our Blighthaven Datacubes, Journals and Tales Locations page, which contains a map and screenshot guides for locations of all collectibles in the new Blighthaven zone.

We hope you enjoy the new content introduced with this patch and that our guides and maps will help you along the way.

WildStar’s first update Strain

wildstar Strain
Get ready for WildStar’s first post-launch monthly update named Strain. This new update will bring hours and hours of content distributed through two new zones Blighthaven and Northern Wastes. Players will face new creatures with new attacks, new quest mechanics like the ring challenge, new gear, and new housing items.
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