Liquid Immortality

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On a small platform, behind two Bound Life creatures, west of throne with Tresayne Toria, Everpool Sanctum area.




DATACUBE ENTRY: Liquid Immortality


Koral: Order of the Shapers


I have analyzed the pool of water directly beneath the Focus of Life, and the results are truly staggering. It appears as if the liquid has been purely infused with the intense primal energies that emanate from the Focus itself, resulting in a symbiotic elemental matrix that even the Weavers do not fully understand. And if an organism were to drink from these waters? It might indeed grant them eternal life.

I often find Nuriam sitting quietly beside the pool’s tranquil waters, no doubt preparing for her imminent transformation as the conclusion of the Vitara Protocols approaches.

Quick Facts

Type: Datacube