Forgemaster Statue Analysis

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On ground behind Forgemaster Kraagor and his statue?




Forgemaster Statue Analysis


ANALYSIS: Discovery X4-2OS1
REPORTING: Dr. Illios Sartorian, Xenosociologist

DESCRIPTION: A large sculpture of a native Nexus sentient.
– Species designated OSUN. This tribe is designated ULGAR in their writings and inscriptions.
– Inscription indicates this object depicts an individual identified as Forgemaster Trogun. This figure must have been of great historical significance to the Ulgar.
– The title forgemaster appears to be both literal and symbolic,
as Osun forges are ruled by masters. But this particular use of the title also includes icons depicting this Trogun as a member of a ruling Osun caste.
– As the Osun we have discovered thus far on Nexus generally do not place forgemasters in charge, this would seem to show that Kel Ulgar is specifically devoted to forging weapons, armor, perhaps even technology based on ancient Eldan designs.
– Such discoveries are of the utmost importance to my superiors at the Royal
Collegium, and will certainly be the focus of this expedition once security matters are settled.

EXPEDITION NOTES: The expedition to Kel Ulgar has so far gone without major incident, but this has, I admit, filled me with unexpected dread. While orbital scans and other sensitive equipment indicate the presence of massive life forms in the area, we have seen no evidence of the Osun themselves. We are setting up a guarded perimeter
including plasma screens, automated weapons, and the Dominion’s finest troops – well, the finest troops who could be spared to protect a relatively minor Collegium expedition – but I fear I will not be getting much sleep tonight. Tomorrow, we will open one of the many sealed metal doors that, we hope, will lead into the caverns beneath Kel Ulgar. It seems likely there may be Osun in those caverns, but with careful preparation we should be able
to avoid them and still extract much useful data. We shall see.

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