Torine Battle Log

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Torine Battle Log


The dead keep coming. The hordes of the corrupted dead do not stop. They do not sleep. No matter how many we kill, more come.

When our sisters fall in battle, the horde corrupts their bodies. Our sisters rise up again and attack. When our sisters are wounded, the horde corrupts their bodies. They turn on us and attack. The dead are forever changed.

The infestation can corrupt without killing. Many of the creatures attacking us look familiar. We have fought these creatures before,
but they are different. Their appearance is… disturbing.

I saw Liveria changed after one bite. That was not enough to kill her, but it did change her. She now has teeth in her arm. Teeth that bite. We needed seventeen arrows to take her down.

We are not the only hunters fighting these creatures. We have seen glimpses of outsiders in the jungle. Their weapons are very different from ours, but clearly they are not strong enough. The outsiders are dying, too.

Some believe we should work
with the outsiders. No one can agree on this. We do not trust them, but the outsiders cannot possibly be worse than the corrupted ones.

Of course, the outsiders may not trust us. Our sisters have tested their strength many times, and sometimes, we kill them. The outsiders may attack us on sight, but if the hordes keep coming, the outsiders may not be strong enough to attack us.

We have worked with outsiders before, long ago, but never for long. I have heard of their treachery,
but if we cannot find a way to work with them, we may all die.

I am leaving the camp to speak with them. I am bringing five sisters with me.

If I do not come back, you will know what has happened.

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