A Citizen’s Petition

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Northern section of Fort Vigilance, on a platform with monitors and a bench.




A Citizen’s Petition



FACT: Tresayne Toria, Swordmaiden of the Cassian Commonwealth and widely acknowledged as the finest warrior of any species, was in peak physical condition when she accepted the Eldan’s offer to journey to Nexus, where she would become the mother of the Luminai.

FACT: Many recent discoveries
point to many concentrated regions of primal life on the planet Nexus, concentrations high enough to cause aging and most chronic illnesses to completely stop in creatures that see prolonged exposure.

FACT: According to Dominus himself in his famous books, Tresayne was alive when he departed the planet.

FACT: The possibility that
Tresayne Toria is still on Nexus is reinforced by the existence of the Torine Sisterhood, who insist their “Blademother” is alive and well and fighting the Strain. Who are we to deny their belief? Shouldn’t they know?

FACT: There are those within the Dominion, people who hold a great deal of power, who don’t want us to know the TRUTH. That
the holy mother of our first and greatest emperor has been waiting for us on Nexus the whole time.

FACT: Only by finding and making peace with holy Tresayne and her sisters can the Dominion be made whole once more.

Emperor Myrcalus has claimed the name “Dominus Reborn.” Will he live up to that name? Will he direct the Dominion to
join forces with the mother of all Luminai and wipe the traitorous Exiles and unworthy interlopers who infest this world. This planet Nexus, legacy of the Eldan? Not if we, the citizens of the Dominion, do not act.

Make your voice heard! SIGN THE PETITION TODAY!




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Faction: Dominion

Type: Journal

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