The Exalted Wilderrun: Myth and Legend

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Obtainable upon successful completion of the quest Misplaced Manuscripts .




The Exalted Wilderrun: Myth and Legend


[This battered volume seems to detail the myths and legends of Wilderrun, though very little fact is established based on the tall tales between the book’s covers.

An excerpt reads…]

Wilderrun is fraught with peril, from the carnivorous plants that comb the jungle floor for unfortunate explorers, to the giant vesquettoes that can drain a man of blood in a handful of seconds. Many creatures call the sultry forest their home, and even those normally herbivorous creatures seem to crave the quivering
flesh of sentients over the bitter and oftentimes poisonous leaves of the indigenous flora.

[Another excerpt reads…]

Legends state that a number of stone statues resembling the heads of giant Granok females – only prettier – were scattered throughout Wilderrun by the members of a razortail-worshipping cult of exceptional cruelty and viciousness. All who have reported such statues have disappeared without a trace, though it is commonly assumed they were killed by cultists or enraged

[A final excerpt reads…]

Let us not forget the barbarous women that roam Wilderrun. Of all the jungle’s denizens, they are perhaps the most dangerous. They survive on the flesh of male sentients, refusing to dine on captured females. Female sentients who are unfortunate enough to be abducted by these cruel harridans are instead fed to their pet pumera.

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Type: Journal