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Misplaced Manuscripts


Galby Greenfield has lost a number of his “Wilderrun Survival Collection” books in Fool’s Hope after lending them to other Exiles in camp. Unfortunately, he can’t remember exactly who he loaned the books to. If you can find all three volumes, he would be most appreciative.


1. Find Galby Greenfield copy of An Explorer’s Guide to Pumera Bites in Fool’s Hope

2. Find Galby Greenfield copy of The Exalted Wilderrun: Myth and Legend in Fool’s Hope

3. Find Galby Greenfield copy of To Serve Snoglug in Fool’s Hope


Return to Galby Greenfield in Fool’s Hope


  • 30115XP
  • 362 Wilderrun Expedition Reputation Points

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Level: 35

Required Level: 32


Zone: Wilderrun

Category: Zone – Wilderrun

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