An Explorer’s Guide to Pumera Bites

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Obtainable upon successful completion of the quest Misplaced Manuscripts .




An Explorer’s Guide to Pumera Bites


[This old book is marred by bloodstains, the cover displaying signs of damage from large teeth or claws. The author is listed as Dulonus Pola, a self-proclaimed “master of holistic medicine and animal-based curatives.” Though the title alludes that the subject matter is confined to pumera bites, it also covers the (purported) pharmacological uses of the pumera’s physiology.

The following chapter concerns first aid.]

The survivability rate for victims of pumera bites is pitifully low. The saliva of pumera is rife with bacteria and germs, which leads to horrible infections that are typically fatal and unresponsive to medicines of any kind. Given the pumera’s habit of cleaning its body with its tongue, this is hardly surprising. If bitten, victims should seek out medical attention immediately. Even if such help is found, victims should expect to expire, anyway. At this point, victims should endeavor
to complete their last will and testament, and make suitable arrangements for their inevitable passing.”

[Another section speaks of pumera whiskers:]

“Of all the parts of the pumera, the whiskers are the most valuable. When carefully snipped from the muzzle of a still-living pumera, such whiskers can be ground into a fine powder and mixed with equal parts snoglug slime and girrok bile.
When consumed, this concoction will cure nearly any ailment, with the only exception being the septic infection resulting from a pumera bite.

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Type: Journal