The Pumera Gambit

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On ground, inside a “caged” area, among many Untamed Fastpaws, Untamed Pouncers… Giant’s Wall.




The Pumera Gambit


Is this recording? Ah, yes. Well, then. This is Vera Torn, then, isn’t it? I’ve got my autorecording device all set here in my disguise’s headpiece, so I do, and I’ve found a pride of pumera that will be perfect for studying.

So this disguise, right? It’ll help me mix in with this pride, but it won’t be doing all the work, don’t you know. A lot of this right here is natural
talent. I didn’t attend M’Lady’s School of the Holocinematic Theatrical Arts for nothing, no I didn’t. It’s all about inhabiting the pumera, becoming the beast within, y’know? And I do believe I’ve just about got it down.

The claws are a bit tricky. Spring-loaded and all that. But I know a Chua, took care of it for me.

This job should pay a nice bit of coin,
if I’m not mistaken. That same Chua – with DRED, the fuzzy little fellows what make all the fancy killing gadgets people seem to enjoy so much – he told me I’d get half up front, and half when I returned. The only trick? The disguise has to be good enough to convince these Torine ladies that I’m actually a pumera. But that’s why that Chua hired Vera Torn,


– far, so good. The pumera have accepted me, even if I had to saturate myself in pumera pheromones my Chua friends insisted were called “pumeramones.” Not so sure about the Torine sisters, though. The pumera treat those women almost like they’re pumera themselves. I’ve had to think on my feet –
my paws, I mean – to keep up the ruse. Hope I haven’t overdone it.

Wait! One of them’s coming over to me. If what I’ve seen is any indication, she’s about to choose me from the pride. All right, Vera, time to stop talking and start purring.

Hope this works. I won’t get a second-


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