The Emissary’s Creed

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On a door of Torine house, just behind a NPC Deatbhringer Ehel, Deathbringer Hollow.




The Emissary’s Creed


We, the chosen sisters of the Toria, may she ever wield the blade, do swear to serve as Vitara’s emissaries to the outsiders.
To treat with the outsiders and learn their ways.
To make peace with those who would be enemies, and strike pacts with those who would in their ignorance strike at Vitara or seek to slay the holy Blademother for her perceived crimes.

We swear these things not out of trust or fealty to the outsiders. Nor do we seek to become as they are, to use their heretical
machines, to sail the stars above where no swordmaiden can stand tall.

We swear these things for one reason, and one reason alone.
To fight that which seems unbeatable. To destroy that which may be indestructible. To annihilate with the living power of Vitara that infinite darkness which represents all that she is not.

And so we, the Emissaries of Vitara, swear this above all: we will wield any weapon, accept any ally, and sacrifice all to
defeat the Strain. For if the Strain defeats Holy Vitara and conquers this world, it will be the end. Not just for Vitara, or those who serve her… but for all life in the universe.

Quick Facts

Type: Journal