Questionable Omniscience

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Next to a half-buried Eldan statue and small ponds, southeast of Palerock Post, northeast of Sunderstone Hold. Agent Lex is nearby, giving a quest.




DATACUBE ENTRY: Questionable Omniscience


Aviel: Order of the Weavers


We consider ourselves so advanced. Yet I find it curious that we name our greatest creations after ancient Eldan gods. Osiric. Hydris. Are we still such fearful little children that we must invoke their names in order to find comfort? Or do we foolishly aspire to unattainable greatness? Neither prospect is especially comforting.

Quick Facts

Faction: Dominion

Type: Datacube

3 thoughts on “Questionable Omniscience

  1. Soulrend

    Coordinates are 2499, -722.

    And it does not show for me (Exile). As stated, it appears to be Dominion only.

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