Unpredictable Outcome

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With a quest “Portside of Starboard”, enter the Fortune’s Fool at the location marked at map. In the most Southeastern part of Fortune’s Fool, behind First Mate Darugna, above gold pile you can find this DATACUBE ENTRY: Unpredictable Outcome.


Fortune’s Fool entrance.


Entrance of the part of the ship that hides the datacube.




DATACUBE ENTRY: Unpredictable Outcome


Jariel: The Archon


As we near the execution of the Hydris Protocols, I must admit that I have grave concerns about the selection of Yuria. Although the Evokers are generally obtuse and unpredictable, Yuria’s particular instabilities are extreme. I understand she was chosen for exactly this reason, but I fear that something terrible is on the horizon.

Quick Facts

Type: Datacube

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