Subject 33

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  1. You can spot the Tale on the ground, near control consoles, with a totemic signs. It’s close to the lake in South Whitevale area.
  2. You can find the Tale on the ground, next to a long tent, in Doomtide Village.
  3. You can find the Tale on top of a green, round plateau, on a higher floor of Augment Facility X426.
  4. On a table, inside tall house, just behind NPC Prosperity Junction Outfitter (Arcane Vendor), Prosperity Junction.
  5. On snow, close to a Colossal Gronyx creature, Southwestern Whitevale.
  6. Just bellow a small platform with Silverscale Dreadnaught on, Southern Silverscale Station Area. This is the area where you can find Prime Gillsting. He is a “Primal Powers and Triton’s Dread” quest objective mob.
  7. In water, eastern part of Calmwater Lake, close to a river mouth.
  8. Southeast of Shiphand: Rage Logic, southeast of the crossroads, between a road and a metal fence.
  9. On the southeastern ledge on the eastern platform, Augment Facility X426.




Subject 33

Subject 33

Subject 33

Subject 33

Subject 33

Subject 33

Subject 33

Subject 33

Subject 33


Subject 33 woke up in a tank full of fluid. He reflexively thrashed, kicking as though he was drowning. Oxygenated fluid seeped into his lungs. 33 struggled to breathe, drifting in a haze of fear and adrenaline.

Cloudy memories drifted past: hunting in Whitevale, a flash of light, and a long, cold darkness.

33 couldn’t recognize the murky forms stalking past his transparent tank. As his eyes adjusted, he could see spacesuits and helmets. He drifted to the edge until he could barely make out a face. B
ehind its visor, it methodically gnashed rows of razor-sharp teeth.

The murky fluid conducted sounds from outside the tank. His long Aurin ears perked up. Footfalls marched past, as he strained to hear his captors’ cold, clinical voices.

“Evaluation: adrenaline levels exceed parameters.”

“Suggestion: remove brain stem for further analysis.”

Subject 33 started kicking the side of the tank.

“Observation: subject of limited intelligence. Panic reflex. Prepare first experiment.”

They had go
ne and done something very foolish.

“Confirmation: first intelligence experiment begins now.”

They had put an angry esper in a tank full of water.

33’s mind screamed. Outside the walls, a massive psychokinetic fist pounded the floor, and the walls of his tank shattered. Shards of glass blasted out in every direction. Surging fluids gushed out of the tank, as his captors struggled to stay upright.

He leapt out feet first, smashing into the nearest creature’s translucent helmet. Spiderweb crack
s formed on the surface. As he prepared for his next leap, he looked his enemy in the eye. He could almost see fear. Almost.

One by one the wasp-waisted humanoids slowly turned to evaluate him. One creature slowly reached for its weapon, and the Aurin furrowed his brow. Would they stun him? Was that an electroprod? That gave him an idea.

Subject 33 leapt to a hatch on the wall, grabbed the valve that opened it, and held on. With a thought, he hurled a psychic blade across the room, connecting with
an electrical panel. A sparking metal box dropped to the ground. Hip-deep in water, his captors twitched like ragdolls shaken in a dagun’s mouth.

33 spun the valve until the hatch opened and tumbled through. Straight ahead, red lights flashed in a long corridor. Through an aperture at the far end, he could see outside. Blue sky. White clouds. Calm waters. Freedom.

Subject 33 ran. Turrets in the walls and ceiling rained fiery death, missing him by inches. The Aurin ran faster.

A calm, alien voice
made a stern announcement over an intercom. “Observation: Aurin subject escaping.” 33 took in a deep breath of fresh sea air as he leapt toward the aperture.

Steel shutters dropped. The exit slammed shut. He fell to the ground.

The voice returned. “Verification: performance test concluded. Capture and prepare for vivisection. Subject 33 may still be of use to the Ikthian Empire.”

Blades flashed. The lights went out. The experiment continued.

Quick Facts

Subject 33

No. of Collectibles required: 9

Type: Tales from Beyond the Fringe