Weapons Manifest

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Weapons Manifest Journal is inside a rusty container on a dock, next to a couple of red boxes and behind NPC quest giver Agent Lazilo, in southern Thermock Hold.




Weapons Manifest



Inventory List

12 x ArctArms Unislot Z-Blade

7 x Galaxtec Nanoburst Photon Gun

24 x ThetaTech Hyperwave Blasters (pair)

26 x Vega Defense Offensive Shields

16 x Polaris “QuickCleave!” Sword

8 x Polaris “FlashShot!” Pistols (pair)

8 x Polaris “MindFreeze!” Psyblade

42.7 x Assorted Timed Explosives, Small-Yield

116 x Assorted Timed Explosives, Medium-Yield

283.9 x
Assorted Timed Explosives, High-Yield

41 x Assorted Timed Explosives, Massive-Yield

806 x Improvised Timing Devices

1,933 x Improvised Detonators

4,200,000 x Rounds Universal Ammunition (estimate)



This is gettin’ outta hand. I got enough munitions here to blow Thermock Hold sky-high, and I
can barely keep track of who’s usin’ what. I been on the horn to FCON every blasted day this month, and the high-and-mighty commander is too busy takin’ it to the Dommies to worry about my “logistics problem.” Well, this “logistics problem” could take out The Last Man Standing and most of the rest of the town besides the next time somebody drops a match.

That’s why I’m putting all this here gear on molecular lockdown. Won’t none of it
work for anyone without the code, and I’m the only one with the code. I ain’t givin’ it to no one but the commander, either, and only if he shows up in person.

Copyin’ this to my superiors up the chain. If this means they drum me outta FCON, so be it. At least I wasn’t lettin’ the relentless and reckless pursuit’a revenge get the better’a me, like some folk.

-Quartermaster Silverdown

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Type: Journal