Prison Schedule

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At the location marked at map, you can find small tent in a corner of outside jell cell. Quest that takes you here is “Underground”, part- find Professor McManus’ Hideout. At this location you should interact with Conspicuous Box. This action opens up the Trap Door. Trap Door leads to Professor McManus’ Hideout cave. In the Southeastern part of cave, on a tiny box, close to a control console you can find Journal Prison Schedule.




Prison Schedule


[This document appears to be a copy of the daily schedule of the warden of Deadrock Prison, and the disposition of guards and other security measures – including securitybots – on a weekly basis.]

0000: Guard Shift B-1 Begins

0130: Warden on premises

0215 Guard Shift A-1 Ends

0400: Guard Shift C-1 Begins

0615 Guard shift B-1 Ends.

0800 Guard Shift D-1 Begins

1015 Guard Shift C-1 Ends

1200 Guard Shift
A-2 Begins

0227 – Block TF3
0747 – Block TF3
0812- Block TF3
1013 – Block TF3

[The back of the document is covered with bloody scratches that form a crude map of the prison grounds, with marks indicating specific targets within the prison infrastructure. Whoever made the map did not likely have access to traditional writing implements.]

Quick Facts

Faction: Dominion

Type: Journal

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