Aborted Effort

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At the bottom of the crater, Eldan Terraformer. Once you enter this area you receive debuff Terraformer Radiation Poisoning. At full charge (100 points) you get killed. Charge to datacube (or jump from above), grab it quickly and run away.

We would like to thank RUNE for additional information.


The first try was not so successful.


If you jump from above it is easier to grab it and run away.




DATACUBE ENTRY: Aborted Effort


Vorion: Order of the Makers


As per the request of the Shapers, I have delivered the terraformer-but a subterranean scan of this region has revealed a massive reservoir of primal water directly beneath it, and I am recommending that the experiment be aborted immediately. Initiating the device in such an unstable environment would have catastrophic results.

Quick Facts

Type: Datacube

2 thoughts on “Aborted Effort

  1. CuzMe

    If you’re willing to die, simply wait for the blast from the crater (it 1 shot me at level 24), then go in the water and get the datacube. Even if you die, the nearest spawn is very close.

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