Day of the Squirg

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On table, with holographic, red top, next to NPCs like Major Hesperius and Sergeant Bell, close to nearby Bounty Board, Inception’s Stand.




Day of the Squirg


[An excerpt from the sequel to the sequel to the terrifying tale of undead terror and mind-controlling cephalopods.]

“I am the one in charge here, Commander! And don’t you forget it!” roared the virologist. “Only Mordesh alchemy can save this planet from being completely overrun by the squirg.”

“This planet already IS overrun, Doctor!” the Granok barked. “This world is lost. It’s Squirgville out there, population EVERYONE. Everyone
except us mercs and you eggheads.” He racked a shell into the chamber of his heavy slug launcher. “And I dunno about you, Doc, but I’m gettin’ pretty sick’a this place. Whaddaya say we blast our way outta here?”

The merc never saw the squirg that dropped from the ceiling onto his cranium, not until its tentacles latched onto his face and the tiny internal fangs punctured his stony skull to penetrate the consciousness centers of his brain. He
managed a sound like “Gyugh” before his eyes rolled back and his posture took on the unmistakable profile of a massive squirg zombie.

The doctor screamed.


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Type: Journal