Alchemical Ingredients of Nexus to Avoid

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The Journal is located on the overcrowded table with holographic top, next to a quest giver Alchemist Vikmos, Snowfade Grounds.




Alchemical Ingredients of Nexus to Avoid


[An appendix to another scholarly work, aimed at the alchemist novice who wants to find material components in the wild while encountering as little of the dangerous part as possible. It does not appear to have been written by the same author as the rest of the series]

Murderoot – A titillating tuber with which not to trifle. I’ve seen more than one Mordesh lose both original eyes to a murderoot rampage. Wait for others to harvest them,
then buy them up. They are an essential component to the primal formula known as Mordesh Romance.

Jabbit Knuckles – For reasons understood by neither average alchemist nor standard scientist, let alone people like you people, jabbits enter a homicidal blood rage when their knuckles are violently and painfully extracted with small knuckle-extraction forks. Therefore gathering jabbit knuckles can be extremely dangerous.

Ears – Endless lawsuits. Just ENDless. It’s not like they didn’t survive, albeit with greatly reduced balance. They’re only a foot or two off the ground. Who was the real victim here? But I digress.

Milkshroom – Thanks perhaps in part to the strange primal energies that seem to be present everywhere on Nexus, the delicious milkshroom, a key component in many alchemical recipes, has evolved the ability to resemble exactly the deadly
murkshroom exactly, even down to the primal pattern. In fact, milkshrooms might be something I made up, and they could all be deadly poisonous. Gather at your own risk.

Steamglider Essence – Although the excretions of steamglider flotation glands are in fact comprised of 84% primal air distilled into primal water, this does not mean these difficult-to-trap beasts are of any real use. At that precise ration, both forms of primal matter remain inert.

Aurin Tail – See Lopp Ears.

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Type: Journal