Lost to the Tar Pits

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Northweast of Exo-Lab A37. Journal appears after you complete Lost to the Tar Pits.




Lost to the Tar Pits


Look at these bones! How many creatures have lost their lives here in these tar pits?

From the state of things, the number of dead is inestimable. The identities of the dead are also a mixed bag. Humanoid bones mingle with the bones of animals and beasts.

I wonder. Did any of the Eldan perish here? Will their bodies be found? What will be their state of preservation? What secrets will they reveal? What questions will they answer?

There’s nothing else for it. I’m going to go poke
around and see what I can find. I’m too excited to wait for the rest of the crew. They’ll likely be impressed if I can expose some revelation in their absence.

I can hear Dromus now, though, clicking his tongue and shaking his head at me. “It’s not safe,” he’d chide. “Don’t go alone.”

As if I’m stupid enough to get stuck in a pool of tar. What does he take me for? I’m not an infant!

Quick Facts

Faction: Dominion

Type: Journal