Misguided Concern

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On the top of the Falkrine Dam, south of Bloodtalon Perch. You have to jump on two tornadoes to reach the top of the dam. Think Happy Thoughts! is located here as well.




DATACUBE ENTRY: Misguided Concern


Nazrek: Order of the Progenitors


These avian beasts and their pathetic cultural charade are a growing threat to the Project’s goals in this region. They should have been destroyed once they had served their purpose. I begin to tire of Ohmna’s misguided concern for these inferior creations.

Quick Facts

Faction: Dominion

Type: Datacube

1 thought on “Misguided Concern

  1. tysignus

    On the top of the Dam, south of Bloodtalon Perch, use 2 wind vortex’s to reach the top of the plateau, then jump to the dam.

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