Giba Corli’s Research Notes

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On a small, half circular rock stand, bellow tent’s rooftop, behind Engineer Giba NPC quest giver, Spearclaw Post Area.




Giba Corli’s Research Notes


(This computer tablet contains Giba Corli’s research notes.)

Mammodin most powerful animal on savannah. Explosive mammodin even more powerful! Kill many enemies simultaneously when detonated!

Dilemma: Mammodin not inherently explosive. Solution: High-grade explosives must be added!

Explosives acquired. Stability questionable. Must warn Biba.

Mammodin explosives harness design complete!

New dilemma: Fastening harness to mammodin may result in pulverized Chua. Solution: Will have Biba fasten harness to sleeping mammodin.

Control of mammodin problematic. Require mammodin mind control device.

Prototype mammodin mind control device complete! Require test subject!

Willing test subjects in short supply. Must bribe Draken to help.

Mammodin mind control device initial trials inconclusive.

Test Subject Alpha suffers from psyche exchange. Now thinks he is mammodin. Will have Biba euthanize him.

Test Subject Beta killed by biofeedback loop. Spectacular cranial explosion! Must have Biba clean brains and bone fragments from control device prior to finding new test subject.

Test Subject Gamma suffered seizure, now drooling idiot. Minor adjustments required. Perfection of mind control device imminent!

Seeking new test subject. Though bodies of prior subjects have been disposed of in river, remaining Draken suspicious. Unwilling to help. Unacceptable!

Priority! Must locate new test subject with sub-par intellect!

(The research log ends.)

Quick Facts

Faction: Dominion

Type: Journal