Impermeable Defense

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Inside Outer Core Chamber – Floor 4.


Find and enter The Divergence.


Turn left.


Head south.


Proceed to north.


Step on an another teleportation pad close to Shade of Life.


Now starts the real fun. Turn right.


Turn right.


Turn right.


Turn left.




Western Grimvault

Western Grimvault

DATACUBE ENTRY: Impermeable Defense


Vorion: Order of the Makers


I have done it! By synchronizing the algorithmic matrices of our digital languages, I have created an impermeable, encrypted layer of security for the Project’s technology on Nexus. Now all of our facilities and constructs will be safe from outside sources of invasion or corruption. Only I know the sequence to unlock the encryption, and I am currently engineering an advanced device to store it for all eternity.

Quick Facts

Type: Datacube

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