Deranged Descent

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Inside Phagelab Level 1. It stands near a purple teleport pad, that you need to stop over in order to proceed with the quest Clear the Air .


Enter the Phagelabs through…


… The Divergence.


In northwestern part of the Phagelab Level 1 is DATACUBE ENTRY: Deranged Descent.


Western Grimvault

Western Grimvault

DATACUBE ENTRY: Deranged Descent


Zarkonis: Order of the Makers


I recently had a conversation with Watcher Ionis about what can only be described as Vorion’s recent descent into madness. His obsession with his recent work is obviously his way of coping with my being chosen as one of the vessels for the Genesis Prime. Still, despite his mental instability, even I cannot find fault with his latest advances. But that is not for lack of trying! Can we truly trust such important work to an individual so clearly deranged?

Quick Facts

Type: Datacube