A Trooper’s Letter Home

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Inside a wrecked part of the crashed space ship – Widowmaker. This crashed part is filled with Cryopods.


Western Grimvault

Western Grimvault

A Trooper’s Letter Home


Dearest Mother,

I trust this letter finds its way to you in Gallow without too much trouble, and that you and my sisters are well. I sent along what pay I’ve gotten from the outfit so far in hopes it’ll keep y’all from fallin’ into destitution, I know it’s been rough since we lost Pa.

I ain’t much one for correspondin’, so I’m talkin’ this letter into my datachron in hopes that machine’ll write it out fair for ya to read.

We got us a mess’a trouble out here a place called the Grimvault, but you shouldn’t worry none. You know the commander’s the toughest son of a dagun this side’a the old admiral, and he can beat just about anything. It’s downright inspirin’ to serve a feller like that, and it makes ya think you can beat just about anything too. Even this Strain. It’s a nasty piece’a business, and it’s everywhere.
But we got the biggest brains in the whole XAS workin’ on a solution, and until then we’ll just keep fightin’ ’em as best we can.

Not much more I can report. Can’t give away objectives or operational secrets, but know that we’re going to win this thing. And nothin’ – not the Dommies, not the Strain, not even these weird things they’re callin’ Skurge are gonna stop us!

Your boy,
Private Zander Greenstock

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Type: Journal