Receipt for Chowsdower-Brand Rowsdower Chow

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On ground, inside small cave in Silverwaste, next to Experimental Turret.


Western Grimvault

Western Grimvault

Receipt for Chowsdower-Brand Rowsdower Chow


Satori’s Rowsdowarium and Distillery
Thayd, Galeras


Chowsdower-brand Rowsdower Chow (10 crates)…..19g99c
RowsPower Vitamin Supplements for Rowsdowers (500 suppositories)…..22g99c
Rowsdower-cise with Troy and Bruce! Episodes 1-24 (6 datachips)…..19s99c
RowsDowny Fur Conditioner and Horn Polish (12 bottles)…..11s99c
RowsDrowner Hydration System (12 syringes)…..88s99c

Brainsdower Smart Drugs for Rowsdowers – Novelty purposes only (99 bottles)…..110g99s99c
RowsDrinker-brand Primal Liquor — Not Just for Rowsdowers! (3 cases)…..112g99s99c

Thank you for shopping at Satori’s Rowsdowarium and Distillery. Come for the rowsdowers – stay for the complimentary liquor!

Quick Facts

Faction: Dominion

Type: Journal

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