Chief Medical Officer’s Report

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Inside Widowmaker. Jump on a platform in southwestern Widowmaker. This is a group 5+ area where you can complete quests like: Refrigerator Raiders [GROUP 5+] (Exile), A Bad Call .


Western Grimvault

Western Grimvault

Chief Medical Officer’s Report


Chief Medical Officer Cartright Recording

– Entry 0381
Several strange new cases today. Several crewmembers showing signs of a respiratory infection, but I can’t find a cause – not yet. I’ve taken samples from those who have checked in with me, however, and hope to have some facts to work with soon. In the meantime I’ve asked the commander to send me anyone who complains of a fever, cough, or…well, anything, really. Until I can pinpoint what’s causing this, anything could be
the culprit.

One thing that does worry me, though. Not one of the Black Hoods onboard has checked in with me, and the Widow is diverting all of my messages because I’m not “need to know.” Damn it, I’m the top doctor on this ship. If I don’t “need to know” whether the crew is coming down with a contagious illness, then who the hell does?


– Entry 0387
Ten more cases today. That brings the total number of crew that are in quarantine to thirty-
seven, and I expect more before the end of the shift. I’ve informed the commander of the situation, and my best estimates on how it will affect the ship’s performance.

Unfortunately, nothing I’ve tried seems able to fight this pernicious infection. My earliest patients are nearly comatose, despite my best efforts. Hell, it may not even be an infection. It has properties of a typical infectious agent, but it seems to have…well, intent for lack of a better term. I know that sounds crazy,
but look at the officers this thing has hit so far. Communications chief, right when our comm station needs repair. The first officer, who’s been serving on board the Widowmaker even longer than the commander. Our chief engineer just came in today complaining of a headache. Sure, there are several lower ranking crew too, but I know if I were infiltrating the ship…


– Entry 0381
Unbelievable! Of all the arrogant – I just learned the Black Hoods
have been experimenting – ON THIS SHIP – with samples of some “Strain” they retrieved from Grimvault. And considering the state of my patients, I feel safe in saying this infection I’ve been dealing with IS the Strain. It resists every non-lethal method of curing it that I try, and I’ve already lost a dozen people to this thing. We’ve had to incinerate the corpses – can’t airlock them, they might make it back to the planet and land in the middle of a population center.

This isn’t going to get better
before it gets worse. The commander is still standing, but he and I are the only remaining senior officers uninfected. He’s concerned about weapons readings coming from the surface – in Grimvault, in fact – but he’s losing sight of the disaster directly under our noses.

If it comes down to it, I have the authority to order this ship to self-destruct. I will do it, if I have to. And that day may come soon…but I hope to stars it doesn’t.

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Type: Journal